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Truly Natural Moringa-Based Wellness

Truly Natural
Moringa-Based Wellness


Non-Toxic All-Natural Ingredients that Rejuvenate, Alleviate, Heal & Repair.

Healing Salve, Face Serum, Hair & Beard Oil, Exfoliating Scrub, Soap, Pure Moringa Oil & Tea Infusion.


Pure Moringa Oil

Nourish your skin & hair naturally with our best-selling 100% Pure Moringa Oil.


Tune in for Recipes and More

Discover our healthy recipes made with Moringaia and love.


Supporting Our Creations helps promote regenerative socio-ecological developments in Dominican Republic & Haiti.

We first received word of Moringa and its therapeutically nutritional properties in 2012. The plant was receiving major praise from many of our most informed planting gurus in the community. It didn’t take long for praise of this plant to become common knowledge around the whole island.

Read our story.


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