Frequently Asked Questions

About Moringaia

1. Why is Moringa Oil Therapeutic?

Answer: Moringa Oil is made of 70 % Oleic Acid a lipid which is easily absorbed by the body similarly to Olive Oil. The remaining components is made up of minerals and antioxidants including vitamin E. Moringa oil also has a high iodine value. Iodine helps regulate skin moisture and helps repair skin. A lack of iodine, vitamin E and adequate lipids on the skin can lead to many ailments.

2. Where can I buy Moringaia products?

Answer: If you’re in the USA, our products can be purchased online here. If you are in the Dominican Republic, lease visit our Locate page to find a location near you. If you are in Europe, please send us an email for a shipping quote: sales [at] moringaia [dot] com.

3. How do I become a brand ambassador?

Answer: If you think you have what it takes to become a Moringaia ambassador and represent our brand, please send us a message here.

Product Storage

1. Why do you suggest to store the products at room temperature and away from sources of light?

Answer: Although Moringa oil has a high smoking point of 200 degrees Celsius ( heat may affect its molecular composition and quality. Light also has a drastic effect on Moringa oil, transforming it from its fresh golden state to a transparent and stale smelling oil.

Moringa oil also has a relatively high freezing point at which point it turns solid. Just putting the oil in the fridge for a few minutes turns it into a butter. If the oil is exposed to temperatures below room temperature it will begin to solidify into a white butter. This is absolutely normal and will not degrade the quality of the product.

Tip: Moringa oil has a very long shelf life if stored properly it can stay fresh for several years.

2. How to select the right serum for my skin?

Answer: It’s all a matter of preference. In general our premium grade Moringa Oil will be doing most of the effect. The essential oils we use in each blend make them unique both in their smell and the way they feel. Learn more about essential oils here. If you have any doubt about which blend is right for you we recommend buying the smaller formats and moving up to bigger sizes once you find your favourite. If you already have your own source of essential oils or are not sure about the blends we offer the pure Moringa oil is best for you.

3. When is it recommended to use the Body Serum?

Answer: We recommend using the body serum whenever your skin needs it as long as you avoid direct sun exposure until the oil is fully absorbed into the skin, this may take up to 20 minutes.