Our Creations

Earth care and People Care are the two principles at the core our creations. This link is what drives our motivation and ability to help the planet, its people and wildlife. It is our duty to share the treasures we create with the rest of the world for the benefit of one and all.

Organic Ingredients

We only use the highest quality organically grown ingredients in our formulations. This is elemental to the integrity and quality of the products we craft by hand. By using only organic ingredients we assure our products are free from toxic chemicals of concern and we maximise the benefits we are able to receive from the plants we use. 

Our Turmeric and Cacao is cultivated on land that is USDA Organic certified (Insert Certification Number here). The Essential oils we utilise also have Organic Certification. If you are interested in learning more specific details please Contact Us.

Is our Moringa Organic?

In all senses of the word yes. Moringa is a surviver and thrives with barely any inputs. We make sure all the seeds we source come from rural villages far from industry and big cities. Our trees are mostly watered by rain and are fed by mulch and compost.

Powered by Renewables

Our Moringa Leaf plantation is irrigated by rain and wind power. Our windmill pumps up a good 5 gallons per minute on windy days from a well, 160 feet deep. Our production facility and offices are run by Solar Panels. Harnessing these natural powers we are able to create stability in our production in an otherwise polluting and erratic Power Grid here in Dominican Republic.

Moringa Reforestation?  

Plant a seed and watch it grow ten feet in less than a year. Cut it down and it grows back twice as strong. Turn it into a log, stick it in the ground and it will grow back to life once more. This incredibly resilient tree produces leaves, flowers, seeds, pods, roots and bark that has many beneficial health properties(see science page). The tree is packed with minerals which in turn decompose on the surface of the soil and make these minerals bioavailable for other plants.

This makes it a perfect tree for regenerating damaged soil and preventing erosion. The leaves can be eaten by people, birds and many animals. The beautiful white flowers attract a wide range of pollinators which may also contribute to higher agricultural yields of nearby crops. Honey bees produce a lovely nearly white honey from moringa pollen which is likely to have many health benefits. The pods of the tree can be cooked when they are young like green beans and are a staple vegetable in India and the far east. 

Where does moringa grow?

Moringa mainly thrives in the equatorial belt where it does not experience a dormancy during the winter months, although with proper care it can be grown almost anywhere. Some of the most productive trees we have seen were growing on what appeared to be a layer of dust on bedrock. Moringa can also grow perfectly well in fertile soil, although its growth will be mainly dedicated to leaf production.

Ecological Economics?

Money Grows on trees ! Despite being taught the opposite, the base of civilisation has always been agriculture. By creating the need for Moringa Trees we help sustain farmers and regenerate the lands in the region. We understand that a lot of the negative ecological impact people cause stems from a necessity to survive in a ruthless economic environment by any means necessary even if it comes at the expense of the future. Our goal is to provide an economic opportunity which will return more value to the farmers in the region than producing charcoal or even cattle.

Supports Socio-ecological development 

If you would like to support or join our cause please contact us. You may also Donate Here ( Plant a Tree) - for every ten dollars we will plant a moringa tree. 


Support Education

Education is elemental to the development of any human mind. If you would like to contribute to one of the most effective and transparent NGO’s dedicated to this cause please check out - Dream Project