Our Roots

Earth care and people care are intertwined. Our creations are infused with the therapeutic goodness of nature’s medicine cabinet for the benefit of all.

By creating organic, truly natural personal-care products of the highest possible grade, we support our bodies, the ground on which the ingredients were grown and farmers as well.

By sharing the bountiful benefits of our creations with the rest of humanity, we are able to  contribute to the ecological and economic development of some of the most impoverished regions of our beloved island. Our mission is to expand this positive impact around the world.

It is humbling for us to know the amount of lives our creations have helped in so many ways. This is a major part of the motivational fuel that keeps us growing.



Moringaia History

It was 2012 when Ben-Yam Barshi who just returned from four years of studying in university  heard a calling. Go to Haiti and help people in need. Ben-Yam did not know who he was going to help and how, but he got on one of the small local buses designed to transport twelve people, but that in reality many times carry double this quantity including animals and livestock. While involved in a reforesting initiative, Ben-Yam came across the Moringa tree growing naturally around people’s homes known for its therapeutically nutritional properties. Due to its wide range of uses, the plant became known as El Arbol de Libertad (tree of liberty). It is still used as a remedy in many rural parts of the island. The Moringa was also ideal for reforesting because it grows right back once harvested.

Ben-Yam returned to the Dominican Republic with a clear vision. Buy Moringa seeds at fair value in rural areas of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, help the local farmers, and secure reforestation. On the other hand spread the benefits of the Moringa oil and leaves around the world.

Fast forward to 2019. Through countless hours of research and development,  Moringa oil made with a pharmaceutical grade cold press, and lots of positive feedback from users all over the world, we are now ready to share with you the new and improved formulas of Moringaia.  Together we can reach our goal of healthy skin-healthy the planet.



Moringa Oleifera originated in the Himalayan foothills of India where it is has been a staple food source and therapeutic Ayurvedic ingredient for several thousand years.


Why Moringaia

We only source truly natural materials and create all of our products in-house at our lab. This allows for the highest quality control and production.



Social impact

Beyond the therapeutic effects our products provide, the true effect of our social impact can be noticed in the villages we purchase our high quality seeds from. Since we started to regularly purchase seeds from these communities every tree has gained a monetary value and thousands more have been planted as a byproduct of our efforts. 

Our goal is to eventually regrow the man made desert regions of the island which suffer from a harsh environment with little opportunity for agriculture and business. Thanks to sales and support from people like you, we have been graced with the ability to keep buying seeds and teaching people that money does in fact grow on trees. 

Environmental Impact

Moringa thrives in a wide range of conditions. It can handle heavy tropical rains and also severe drought. Part of its resilience may be the secret to its life giving properties and benefits. 

In the appropriate conditions, a Moringa seed can grow into a ten foot tall tree and start bearing seed pods within 12 months. It creates filtered shade and is filled with white flowers attracting a wide range of pollinators. The wood of the tree is soft yet the roots are strong enough to destroy concrete and break up hard soils. They also serve to protect land from erosion during major storms.