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Fresh Bloom Facial Set

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Add fresh blooms and our signature nutrient-packed Moringa Seed Oil to your skincare routine with the Fresh Bloom Facial Set. Featuring our Fresh Bloom Face Serum + Fresh Day Facial Soap, this floral pairing is bound to become your go-to.

Includes premium samples (1ml) of our Clear Skies Face Serum and Island Glow Body Oil.

Fresh Bloom Face Serum

An essential part of a beauty regimen, this luxurious face serum delivers the deeply nourishing and antioxidant benefits of our Moringa Seed Oil together with mood-enhancing floral essential oils. Naturally contains Vitamin E. 

Size: 35ml

Ingredients: Moringa Seed Oil, Essential Oils: Bitter Orange, Jasmine, Rose & Ylang Ylang.

Moringa Seed Oil - deeply moisturizing packed with Vitamin E and Omega 9
Bitter Orange Essential Oil - rejuvenates
Jasmine Essential Oil - replenishes
Rose Essential Oil - anti-inflammatory + promotes a youthful looking complexion
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - balancing

Loved by:
Those who love a floral glow and previously used Sweet Bloom. 


Fresh Day Facial Soap

A fresh bouquet of essential oils makes this floral face bar soap the perfect start to the day. Formulated with our signature Moringa Seed Oil, this soap will leave your skin feeling clean without feeling dry. Pairs with our Fresh Bloom Face Serum.

Size: 90g

Ingredients: Saponified Moringa Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Cacao Butter, Bee-Friendly Beeswax, Essential Oils: Ylang Ylang, Lavender & Geranium.

Moringa Seed Oil - deeply moisturizing packed with Vitamin E and Omega 9
Coconut Oil - moisturizing 
Cacao Butter - nourishes and softens
Bee-Friendly Beeswax - creates a protective layer on the skin
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - balancing
Lavender Essential Oil - soothing
Geranium Essential Oil - purifying

Loved by:
Those who love our Fresh Bloom Face Serum.

All orders ship straight from our solar panel covered lab in the heart of the Caribbean, so you know you'll always get the freshest batch of Moringaia goodness. We ship with DHL Express, please allow 3-5 business days for delivery.