Reuse and Recycle

As lovers of the ocean, life and the planet in general, it pains us to contribute to the worlds waste problem. It is our aim to continuously evolve our packaging to be less wasteful and more readily re-absorbed by nature. Fortunately there are useful ways of reusing our current packaging.


Making a Planter

This can be made using our Body Scrub packaging. Please note: Salt based scrub packaging should be rinsed before use as a planter. The coconut and chocolate Body Scrubs will add some organic nutrients to your soil.

1) Cut small holes at the bottom of the bag.

2) Fill Bag with Soil.

3) Plant Something


Spice Jar

Salvage any of our Salve packaging. 

1) Wash container thoroughly.

2) Store Spices

Mini Spice Jar: A practical application for our Lip Balm containers once fully used. 

1) Rinse the inside of the lip balm with boiling water.

2) Remove spiral plastic rod from the inside.

3) Wash container thoroughly

4) Store Spices



All our bottles can be refilled with Moringa Seed Oil, either pure or with Essential Oils. We recommend purchasing our bulk formats and refilling the smaller empty ones. 

The bottles can also be washed and reused for other applications.


Our Moringa Based Beverages & Superfood Powders use biodegradable packaging. The Soaps are wrapped in biodegradable plastic wrap and a paper label.