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A mission with a brand, not a brand with a mission.

In 2012 founder and agroforester Ben-Yam visited the most drought-stricken part of our island.

Even in this arduous environment, the Miraculous Moringa tree grew strong. Known locally as El Árbol De La Libertad (Tree of Liberty), the Moringa tree provides shade, attracts pollinators, and holds the earth to avoid mudslides, while the leaves and seeds are packed with rich nutrients. It became clear to Ben-Yam that for the benefit of both people and the planet, more Moringa trees needed to be planted, and he set out to make a product that would create a demand for Moringa in rural communities.

The more Moringa trees are picked, the more flowers they produce.

The more they produce, the more people will want to plant it, and the more we can give back to the farmers and earth who grow it.

Our core mission is to promote reforestation by creating the demand for the Moringa tree and regenerate the soil we live on. Making nourishing and truly natural skincare is the means that allows us to fulfill this vision.

Moringaia is a family owned company.

Miracle Oil: 100% Single-Pressed Moringa Seed Oil.

Our signature Miracle Oil is the nourishing base of all of our formulas.

We press the seeds only once to ensure the maximum nutrients are retained and can be delivered to your skin. 

Made from “The Miracle Tree,” Moringa Seed Oil is packed with Omega 9 (Oleic Acid) that locks in moisture to make skin look plump and naturally occurring Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that protects from the elements. Each and every Moringaia product has hundreds, sometimes thousands, of our single-pressed Moringa Seeds. Unlike other brands who “enhance '' skin care formulas with Moringa with low percentages in formulas, we make sure our Miracle Seeds are leading the charge. More Moringa means more botanically-powered benefits for your skin (and the planet). When it comes to Moringa, we believe more is more.

When it comes to Moringa, more is more.

More Nutrients

Our unique single-pressed method  means that there are hundreds of seeds in each formula and ensures the most nutrients are retained. No wonder our customers call it liquid gold.

More Benefits

This superhero ingredient can do it all. Moringa Seed Oil deeply moisturizes, calms the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and redness from irritation, and nourishes and supports the skin barrier.

More Impact

We source our seeds from our farm and local communities. The more seeds we use,  the more people plant Moringa Trees which contribute to both the local economy and ecological regeneration.

Purity, integrity, and transparency: from seed to skin.

Regenerative Ingredient Philosophy

We use only natural ingredients to deliver results that truly reap their benefits . We source our Moringa Seeds from local communities and our farm, and are able to trace our Moringa from the ground in which it was grown to the final product we create in our lab. Our products do not contain any synthetic fragrances or preservatives.Apart from Moringa, we consciously source local ingredients from our lush tropical island and process them ourselves to ensure quality and integrity throughout the supply chain. If a botanical doesn't grow in our climate, we ensure our suppliers adhere to farming practices that respect people and the earth. This is what sustainability means to us.

The Farm: The heart and soul of the brand

Our permaculture farm on the north coast of the Dominican Republic serves as the brand’s home and inspiration. Here you’ll see Moringa trees dancing in the wind, while bees, butterflies, and other inspiring pollinators work their magic, flying from one tropical tree to the next. If you’d like to inquire about a visit, contact us here, or follow our journey on Instagram.

From our people to you and yours.

All of our products are made in our solar-powered lab. We do everything in-house so that we can ensure the quality of the products and the importance of our positive impact in all its stages.

Did you know that some of the models on our website are the women who manufacture all of our products? From processing raw ingredients to making prototypes, bottling, and packaging, these are the women who make Moringaia. Miracle Oil may be our star ingredient, but these women are the real stars.


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