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Does skincare make you feel overwhelmed? It makes sense, considering how many product options — and advice — you can find with a simple Google search. In 2019, the beauty industry realized a revenue of $505 billion worldwide and the skincare segment has an expected growth of 3.5% per year, one of the highest in the industry. 

Do you actually need all of the products you’re using? Probably not. In fact, using too many products (especially harsh exfoliants) can deprive your skin of naturally-occurring compounds such as oils and potentially lead to impaired skin barrier function.

Your skincare routine doesn't necessarily need 10 steps to work (although the pampering aspect of it does feel nice!). But it does need to be mindful: of you, your health, and the planet. Here are 3 steps to reduce beauty clutter for an easier and more sustainable skincare routine. 

2. Learn Your Skin’s Triggers

It’s normal for your skin to have reactions. The beauty industry often sells an impossible standard, aided by Instagram filters, Photoshop, and tech innovations such as laser hair removal and botox. The collective image we have of “flawless” skin rarely exists in real life — if at all. 

It’s normal for your skin to react to changes in your diet (positive or negative), stress, the number of hours you’ve slept, pollution, sun, and other things that might be unique to you (experiment to learn what they are). 

Instead of getting frustrated because your skin doesn’t look IRL the way it does with an Instagram filter on, build a relationship with it. Understand what kinds of changes or practices can bring on reactions such as inflammation or itchiness, and do your best to avoid these triggers. And if you can’t avoid them — forgive your skin for its reaction.

Moringa Seed Oil: A Sustainable Alternative to the Beauty Overwhelm

Moringa Seed Oil is a powerful natural ingredient that can simplify your skincare routine and support your skin’s natural functions. It comes from the seeds of the Moringa Tree, also known as the “Miracle Tree,” that has been used in natural medicine and beauty for centuries. 

Rich in naturally-occuring Vitamin E and Oleic acid, Moringa Seed Oil nourishes and balances your skin, gently supporting it. It works both on dry and oily skin, which makes it a simple and effective alternative to the traditional way we think of skincare. To learn more about Moringa Seed Oil, read this article

Moringaia’s Minimalist Beauty Favorites

Fresh Bloom Face Serum

An essential part of a beauty regimen, this luxurious face serum delivers the deeply moisturizing and antioxidant benefits of our Moringa Seed Oil together with uplifting floral essential oils. Naturally contains Vitamin E. 


Glassy Waves Lip Balm

A smooth lip balm formulated with nutrient-packed natural ingredients to nourish & protect. Our signature Moringa Seed oil deeply moisturizes while beeswax provides a protective layer and a hint of sweetness, and cacao butter softens skin.



The ultimate go-to. The Salvation Balm delivers the benefits of our signature Moringa Seed Oil together with the anti-inflammatory properties of beeswax and turmeric. Calming essential oils round out this all-encompassing salve that glides smoothly onto the skin.