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How  to Upcycle Moringaia Beauty Packaging

How to Upcycle Moringaia Beauty Packaging

Crafted from bamboo and using the least amount of plastic possible, our packaging reflects our values. To make it easier for you to support our mission, we came up with 5 ways to upcycle Moringaia packaging — and have fun while doing it.

1. Brighten Your Space with a Mini-Vase

Place fresh herbs or flowers into our face serum or body oil bottles to animate your environment. A live plant that looks nice and smells delicious is an excellent addition to your home office or bathroom. 


2. Mix Paint

Use our salves packaging to let your creativity shine. After you finish our anti-inflammatory Salvation Balm or cooling Swell Remedy, give the packaging a second life by mixing your paints in it. You can also use Moringaia bottles as paintbrush holders.

3. Store Small Jewelry 

Our salves packaging is perfect for storing small jewelry, such as rings and earrings. Place the containers on your bedside table — or wherever you keep your jewelry — and stop worrying about losing your tiniest possessions.

4. Bring Your Vitamins Everywhere 

reuse beauty packaging

Our salves containers are great for storing your vitamins. Carry them with you during the day if you need to take them at a particular time or pack a couple for a weekend trip. Here's to never forgetting to retake your multivitamin.

5. Store Spices 

Have you ever wished for more counter space in your kitchen? Use Moringaia’s salves containers to store your favorite spices and enjoy more cooking space. This is also a great option if you’re going on a weekend trip and want to bring your favorite food flavors with you. 

Remember to rinse thoroughly with boiling water before filling them up with spices.


How are you upcycling your Moringaia beauty packaging? Share on Instagram, and don't forget to tag as @moringaia 


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