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Why You Should Be Able To Pronounce The Ingredients In Your Beauty Products

Why You Should Be Able To Pronounce The Ingredients In Your Beauty Products

Picture this: You head into the new bakery in town to get yourself a tasty treat. Since you’re allergic to nuts and eggs, you read the listed ingredients of all the pastries they offer. You pick up a cupcake and read: “Arachis hypogaea, Albumin, T. aestivum, Lactalbumin phosphate, Azodicarbonamide.” Delighted not to see nuts or eggs, you purchase the gluten-free cupcake and eat it on your way home. Unfortunately, the scientific names for nuts and eggs are arachis hypogaea and t. Aestivum, so you suffer from an allergic reaction. Your friend doesn’t have these allergies, so she enjoys one of these cupcakes twice a week for a year, but eventually may experience long term inconveniences due to a commonly-used ingredient in both bleached flour and foamed plastics. 

This would be crazy right? Funnily enough, this happens all the time with topical products you find on the shelves of your local drugstore.

Covered in about five million pores, the skin is the largest organ of the human body. With the important functions of maintaining the body’s temperature through sweat and oil, our skin serves as big a purpose as any other major organ. And, just like what we eat, what goes into our pores can either cause our bodies and minds healing or harm. 

But our interest in the impact of topical skin and beauty products is often short-lived. Rarely do we ask ourselves: “How is what I’m putting on my body impacting what goes on in my body?”

In the United States, only 11 cosmetic chemicals have been banned or restricted, as compared to 1,300 in the EU. Cosmetic companies are also not required to disclose ingredients that they consider to be trade secrets. It’s been over 80 years since the FDA has enacted new cosmetic regulations, back when poisons such as arsenic and mercury were commonplace in beauty tonics and elixirs. Countless synthetic chemicals have been developed since then. Untested on their own or compounded with other commonly used chemicals the dangers are often unknown.

According to the Australian Academy of Science, a typical cosmetic product usually contains 15–50 ingredients, many of which are impossible to pronounce or understand. When considering that the average woman uses between 9 and 15 skin products per day, it is estimated that women place around 515 individual chemicals on their skin each day through beauty products, many of which are an entire mystery to anyone who isn’t a chemist. 

Most people know that parabens and SLS are bad, but the list is of “dirty” ingredients is much longer -  with asbestos, phthalates, 1,4 dioxane, and formaldehyde being just a few of the cancer-causing and reproductive toxins found in cosmetics that are still on the market. So how are we as consumers supposed to know what to buy?

 The first step is being able to understand the ingredients we’re given. That’s why Moringaia not only lists all of its ingredients, but we make sure they’re easily recognizable. Plus, we only have five of them.

Moringaia is an antidote to the problem of not knowing what goes into your beauty top shelf. We have a full transparency ethos and we pull the cucumbers out from over your eyes to bring you ingredients that are specifically chosen for their benefits to your skin and body. In a world riddled with toxins and pollutants, we take our job very seriously. As Hippocrates once said: “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Moringaia products are deeply-nourishing food for your skin and body. 

Here’s what we mean: The only ingredients we use are 100% pure moringa seed oil, turmeric root, bee-friendly beeswax, raw cacao, wild harvested coconut, Caribbean sea salt, and essential oils. We use so few ingredients because each one serves a specific and nourishing purpose and because we take every measure to ensure that they’re the highest quality for your skin and for the land from which they’re sourced. No fluff, no added toxins, just the good stuff. 


Have any questions about clean beauty or our ingredients? Send us an email!


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